Fox News Forced to Admit Humiliating Statistic for Donald Trump’s First Year in Office

Every once in a while Fox News is forced to report something factual, such as the monthly jobs reports. While their on-air personalities might alter how they report on these jobs numbers based on who’s in office (the very numbers they once tried to downplay and criticize during Barack Obama’s presidency they now use to […]

John Boehner Once Again Forced to Hang Head in Shame and Admit President Obama’s Been a Success

I’m not going to lie, every month when the jobs report comes out I get a little excited. Not just because we’re currently in a streak of 63 straight months of private sector job growth – the longest such streak in U.S. history, by the way – but because I always enjoy seeing House Speaker John Boehner […]

After Historically Positive Jobs Report, John Boehner’s Tweet Once Again Proves He’s Delusional

Well, it’s becoming a monthly tradition; it’s time to see what kind of negative spin House Speaker John Boehner tried to put on yet another overwhelmingly positive jobs report. As most people know, the first Friday of every month marks the release of our nation’s monthly jobs report. And for 59 straight months now this nation has added jobs […]

Exposing John Boehner’s Outrageous Ignorance Following Strong Jobs Report

Perhaps many of you heard about the recent jobs report that exceeded estimates and dropped unemployment below 6 percent for the first time since 2008. With our economy adding 248k jobs in September, it made it the seventh out of nine months this year where we’ve seen over 200k jobs created in a single month. […]

Cognitive Dissonance And The Conservative Hatred Of President Obama

Whenever gas prices go up, or the stock market goes down, or unemployment claims go up, you can be sure that you’ll hear someone blame President Obama. One of the most commonly used talking points is claiming that the average cost of gasoline was well below $2 a gallon when he took office, but now […]

It’s The Job Market, Stupid, Whether The GOP Likes It Or Not

The more our job market improves, even in its weak and top-heavy way, the tougher it is for Republicans to spin what’s going on. If you listen to the GOP’s talking points and punditry, you’ll “learn” that crushing tax hikes, strangling regulations, and the albatross of Obamacare are dragging down the economy, making it impossible […]

The GOP Collapse Continues: Republicans Now Praising Economic Improvement Under Obama

The first Friday of every month marks the release of the government’s newest jobs report.  This past Friday revealed that for the 42nd consecutive month we’ve had private sector job growth.  In other words, President Obama has been in office for just about 58 months and for the last 42 of them we’ve created jobs. […]

After Jobs Report, Republicans Admit Trickle-Down Economics Doesn’t Work

Like the first Friday of every month, our jobs numbers were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics today.  For April we added over 165,000 jobs, while unemployment dropped to 7.5%. Along with that, the jobs reports for February and March were revised up.  So far for 2013 we’ve added 783,000 jobs. And like Republicans […]