Trump’s Biggest ‘Accomplishment’ is Taking Credit for Obama’s Economy

Despite what Donald Trump, Fox News, and the rest of the conservative media say — or what their supporters want to believe — the economy was doing well long before this “president” was sworn into office. In fact, the economy was strong during the vast majority of Barack Obama’s presidency. Unemployment fell below 5 percent, […]

Ted Cruz Busted by Fact-Checking Site for Blatantly Lying About Number of Unemployed Americans

A philosophy I’ve always lived by is if you see or hear something that sounds too good to be true (depending on what side you’re on), then you really need to investigate it further because it’s most likely not true. I see this all the time in media, especially with websites and blogs that care […]

Rick Perry Caught Blatantly Lying About the Unemployment Rate

Sometimes I do contemplate how much easier it would be if I were a Republican. For members of the GOP it’s not about truth or reality, it’s just about saying whatever they think conservatives want to hear. All it would take for me to have thousands of conservatives blindly cheering nearly every word I say […]

John Boehner’s Tweet Following Overwhelmingly Positive Jobs Report Proves He Hates Job Creation

As most people know, every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a new jobs report detailing what our current unemployment rate sits at and how many jobs we created (or lost) the previous month. And as most people who don’t follow Fox News know, every single month since March of 2010 we’ve created private […]

John Boehner Posts Yet Another Ridiculous Tweet Following Overwhelmingly Positive Jobs Report

It’s becoming a monthly tradition for me to monitor the internet the first Friday of every month for when the newest jobs report is released, then head on over to Speaker of the House John Boehner’s Twitter account to see how long it will take him to tweet something negative about job growth – despite […]

Here are Some Facts About the Keystone XL Pipeline Republicans Really Don’t Want Americans to See

The other day I was talking with someone about the Keystone XL pipeline and I said it reminded me somewhat of the story of the tooth fairy. Only small children could believe such a ridiculous story about a magical fairy who travels all over the globe, exchanging money for discarded teeth. At least with Santa […]

It’s The Job Market, Stupid, Whether The GOP Likes It Or Not

The more our job market improves, even in its weak and top-heavy way, the tougher it is for Republicans to spin what’s going on. If you listen to the GOP’s talking points and punditry, you’ll “learn” that crushing tax hikes, strangling regulations, and the albatross of Obamacare are dragging down the economy, making it impossible […]

John Boehner Caught Blatantly Lying About Job Creation by Fact Checking Site

Recently during a debate with a conservative I asked a fairly straightforward and simple question, “Outside of tax breaks for the rich, name me one bill Republicans have supported that would directly create jobs?” Their answer?  The Keystone XL pipeline. And I could see why they would think that.  If you listen to Republicans talk […]

CBO Director Destroys Republican Lie About Obamacare Eliminating 2.5 Million Jobs

I’m sure many of you have heard by now about a report the Congressional Budget Office released saying that the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare) could possibly result in the reduction of the American workforce by almost 2.5 million people. The key part of this finding being “workforce” – not jobs. Their basic belief is that some Americans […]

Jobs and Welfare: How Republicans Get it Completely Wrong

When it comes to the Republican party, I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t believe they live in the same reality as the rest of us.  In fact, as time goes on, they seem to actually be believing their own propaganda. Election night 2012 was a perfect example of this.  Watching Karl Rove […]