Trying to “Prove” His Lie Against “Obamacare,” Texas Rep. Barton Debunks Himself on Facebook Page

Last night on CNN, New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone went head to head with Texas Representative Joe Barton to address their heated exchange during yesterday’s House Energy and Commerce Committe hearing.  During that hearing yesterday morning, Barton tried to perpetuate the myth that the Marketplace is violating HIPAA laws, while Pallone called him out for blatantly trying […]

Democratic Rep. Blasts GOP Lies During “Obamacare” Hearings, “I Will Not Yield to This Monkey Court”

When the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) website began having problems upon its rollout, you just had to know Republicans would force some kind of hearings.  After all, they’ve built their defense against “Obamacare” almost entirely on lies since its inception, and now they finally had something factual to use against the healthcare law. During […]

Who Benefits from the Government Shutdown? Hint: It’s Not the Poor or Middle Class

There are many frustrating things about this government shutdown; from theatrics and whining by the Tea Party responsible for this irresponsibility in the first place, to the false equivalency reported (“Both sides are responsible!”) by both news media and talk show hosts (looking at you Jaw Leno!); to the inevitable credit downgrade that we’ll receive […]