Bubbas versus Bubbles: America According To Mike Huckabee (VIDEO)

In 2008, Half Governor She Who Will Not Be Named referred to certain areas of this country as “real America,” then Limbaughed an apology. It turns out she didn’t need to, because Mike Huckabee thinks pretty much the same thing. Mr. Huckabee, who all but flat-out said he’s running for president during his recent appearance […]

Republican Hero ‘Joe the Plumber’ Posts Disgusting Message about Ferguson on Facebook

I’m sure most of us remember “Joe the Plumber” aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher from the 2008 presidential election.  You know, the guy who claimed to be a plumber, but really wasn’t. Well, following his obviously staged encounter with then candidate Barack Obama, “Joe the Plumber” was thrust into the spotlight, becoming an instant Republican hero. And […]

“Joe the Plumber” Advocates Assassination, Says ‘Guns Are Mostly for Hunting Down Politicians’

Following his first round of disgusting comments in his “open letter,” I really didn’t want to give Samuel Wurzelbacher any kind of attention.  After all, who cares what he has to say about gun rights?  He’s a nobody. But then I ran across his follow up to that pathetic letter where he said that guns […]