John Boehner Gets Brutally Honest About ‘Crazy’ Sean Hannity, Other ‘Right-Wing Idiots’

It’s a sad state of affairs to realize that former Speaker of the House John Boehner, someone who led the House of Representatives during one of the most obstructive times in our country’s government, seems “moderate and reasonable” based upon today’s Republican Party. Unfortunately, that’s the case. While I know most conservative voters today can’t […]

Conservative Politics Is A Massive Scam

Conservative politics has become less about governing and presenting ideas, and has moved to becoming a long scam designed to take money from their base. As someone who spent their childhood involved in conservative politics and became a liberal as an adult, I’ve watched it become more and more about money. I’m not the only one who […]

A New Poll Shows Record Low GOP Support For The Tea Party

Way back in the beginning, the Tea Party caught my interest. Initially calling themselves supporters of smaller government and lower taxes, it seemed like they were a political group that might represent a change from the conservative politics that brought us the likes of George W. Bush. It quickly became obvious that the Tea Party […]

New PPP Poll Shows How Wildly Unpopular The Republican Party Has Become

In 2010, voter apathy and conservative anger allowed Republicans to retake the House of Representatives. In the nearly 5 years since then, the GOP has shut down the government, launched one politically-motivated investigation after another, and has done everything except for actually govern. Last year, voters unconscionably gave them the Senate as well, and things […]

There Is One Man Who Would Perfectly Represent Today’s GOP As Speaker, but It’s Not Paul Ryan

Republicans in the House are in the middle of an ideological war, and it looks like nobody who is qualified for the position really wants to be the next Speaker of the House. Newt Gingrich, who previously served before resigning in disgrace, has offered his services just in case Republicans can’t find someone who can […]

It’s Time Sane Republicans Realize That They No Longer Have a Political Party

I’m not a fan of Republicans like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Peter King or Lindsey Graham, but I’ll at least give them credit for being sane. Sure, I disagree with them on practically every major political issue we face in this country, but at least when it’s all said and done, when I hear those four […]

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Awful Truth: Boehner’s Heir Apparent is a Bumbling Idiot (Video)

By now most people have probably heard about John Boehner’s impending departure from Congress. While many on the left and right celebrated this news, I warned progressives that we shouldn’t be too excited about the fact that Boehner’s no longer going to be House Speaker. Especially considering the circumstances. Think about it; Boehner isn’t leaving because he was simply too […]

Trevor Noah on GOP Bashing Boehner: ‘Like Crack Telling Meth It’s Not Addictive Enough’ (Video)

I absolutely miss Jon Stewart, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting Trevor Noah’s big debut last night as host of The Daily Show. And I must say, I was extremely impressed. It didn’t seem at all like this was his first show as host. He was very natural behind the desk, mostly keeping to the structure Stewart […]

John Boehner’s Trashing of Ted Cruz & the Tea Party Proved Liberals were Right All Along (Video)

In case you haven’t heard, current Speaker of the House John Boehner recently announced that he will be leaving Congress at the end of October. While he claimed he already planned to resign, the timing of his announcement was rather peculiar considering it occurred the day after Pope Francis spoke to Congress and just about […]

Most Americans Shouldn’t Be Celebrating John Boehner’s Resignation

Look, I get that it’s easy for liberals to react with jubilation upon hearing the news that John Boehner is leaving Congress at the end of October. After all, he’s been one of the most inept, obstructive and ineffective House Speakers in U.S. history. Despite being a seasoned member of Congress, he’s routinely allowed inexperienced […]