New Poll Suggests A Possible Threat To Donald Trump’s Campaign In New Hampshire

Over the last few months, much of the media’s attention has been focused on the insane antics of Donald Trump. Many GOP candidates have unsuccessfully tried to take him down, much to the dismay of establishment Republicans. The current thinking is that if he or Ted Cruz win the party’s nomination, they will not only […]

Sensing Opportunity, Donald Trump’s Opponents Start Ramping Up Attacks

In spite of Donald Trump’s increasingly rabid campaign rallies and claims that have been debunked by fact checkers across the country, there is no sign of his popularity declining any time soon. Whether you’re on the left or an establishment Republican, Trump’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination should be concerning. He has managed to […]

10 Things I Expect to Happen During Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate

Ah, the big day is upon us – the second Republican presidential debate. While the first one wasn’t quite as outrageous as I had expected (or hoped), I have a feeling tonight is going to go much differently. I think most candidates believed going into the first debate the Trump would do himself in. While […]

Republican Governor Busted Trying to Use Fake Abraham Lincoln Quote to Defend the Rich

The Internet is sometimes a¬†double-edged sword. It’s undoubtedly been one of the biggest inventions in all of human history. Right now I can send a message all the way to China instantly with just a simple click of a button, or look at my friend living in Germany eye to eye via Apple’s FaceTime video […]

Ohio Governor Kasich Angers Fellow Republicans — By Actually Making Sense

It’s not often that I’ll recognize a Republican politician for saying something intelligent because it happens so rarely, but Ohio Governor John Kasich (a Republican) did just that. I’ve slammed Republicans frequently for falsely claiming themselves as Christians¬†while contradicting nearly everything for which Jesus Christ represents, but Kasich actually acted like a Christian (at least […]