Here’s a Look at That Time the Republican Party Proudly Belittled a War Veteran for Political Gain

In case you haven’t heard, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump belittled Sen. John McCain’s war record by essentially mocking the fact that he got captured in combat. “He’s a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said. “I like people that weren’t captured.” Needless to say his remarks have been condemned by just about everyone […]

Neocon Chickenhawk Dick Cheney Calls Obama “Weak”

Dick Cheney, former vice president under the worst president in my lifetime, appeared on Sean Hannity’s program Wednesday evening to attack the Obama administration. For eleven minutes, Dick Cheney and Sean Hannity gleefully insulted President Obama, while ignoring what happened to this country during the Bush administration. It was nauseating, it was rage-inspiring, and it […]

Bring Back Our Girls!…Wherever Nigeria is

Freeze!  Don’t move.  Yes, I’m aware you’re balancing a can of Tecate atop your straw sombrero.  Hold.  Still. Take a look at the map of Africa that accompanies this article.  Identify the country of Nigeria.  Oh, come on, it’s right in front of you, just to the west of Cameroon, south of Niger. No, that’s […]

President Obama Postpones Vote on Military Action as Syria May Give Up Chemical Weapons

In a developing story, Syrian officials have indicated that they will agree to the Russian deal to turn over the locations of their chemical weapon stockpiles, cease production and hand them over to international control.  Meanwhile, earlier tonight, President Obama addressed the nation and reaffirmed that he’s keeping the pressure on Assad, but will ask […]

Can’t Stand Rand Paul? Then Watch John Kerry Absolutely Embarrass Him Over Syria

I voted for John Kerry in 2004, but even then I wouldn’t have called him an “inspiring man.”  While I see him as an intelligent man, he’s just not someone that screams “leader.” Well, yesterday I was inspired by John Kerry.  He absolutely shredded Kentucky Senator Rand Paul during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. Rand […]

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Blood and Hair Samples Confirm, Sarin Gas Used in Syria”

While the debate rages on whether or not we should get involved in the Syrian civil war, one horror has been more or less confirmed—sarin gas was used. This morning, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Blood and hair samples that have come to us through an appropriate chain of custody from east Damascus from first responders, […]