Jon Stewart Gets Tasked with Finding Positives About Trump: He’s ‘Not a Cannibal’ (Video)

Words cannot express how much I miss Jon Stewart hosting The Daily Show. Trevor Noah is a very funny and talented individual who’s done a solid job carving out his own vision for the show — but replacing Jon Stewart is not an easy task. When Stewart was host, I’d write articles about his commentary […]

Trevor Noah on GOP Bashing Boehner: ‘Like Crack Telling Meth It’s Not Addictive Enough’ (Video)

I absolutely miss Jon Stewart, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting Trevor Noah’s big debut last night as host of The Daily Show. And I must say, I was extremely impressed. It didn’t seem at all like this was his first show as host. He was very natural behind the desk, mostly keeping to the structure Stewart […]

Tens Of Thousands Of People Call For Jon Stewart To Moderate 2016 Presidential Debate

I am a firm believer that petitions don’t change much when it comes to politics and government (or having world leaders tried for war crimes), but sometimes they do have an effect on companies and their decisions, because corporations depend on supplying what their customers demand. Petitions can be a gauge of public sentiment, although […]

Jon Stewart Blessed Us All With One Last Final Rant on ‘The Daily Show’ – and It Was Perfect (Video)

Maybe it’s a bit silly to be sad because a host of a thirty minute show on Comedy Central is moving on to do other things, but it can be upsetting – especially when you’ve followed that person for several years. For people like myself, Jon Stewart was a big part of my routine. Whenever anything ridiculous […]

Stephen Colbert Makes Jon Stewart Tear Up: ‘You Are Infuriatingly Good At Your Job!’ (Video)

I will say that in the category of best “last episodes” ever, Jon Stewart’s last show as host of The Daily Show ranks up there as one of the best. Sure, David Letterman and Stephen Colbert’s were good when it comes to recent memory – but not like this. In a lot of ways this felt like […]

As Jon Stewart Exits The Daily Show, Here’s a Look at Some of His Best Moments

Well, the day is now upon us, Jon Stewart’s last day as host of The Daily Show. While his fans certainly didn’t want to see him go, in my opinion, it’s clear he’s been a bit burnt out for a while now. He still “brought it” practically every night, but he seemed much more cynical and […]

Jon Stewart Exits The Daily Show Having Earned Two Things That Fox News Would Know Nothing About: Respect and Admiration

The day many of us have been dreading for months has finally arrived as Friday, August 7th will be the first day in 16 years that “host of The Daily Show” will no longer reside next to Jon Stewart’s name. While I’m happy for Stewart, as I would be anyone who’s starting a new chapter […]

Jon Stewart Brilliantly Recalls Some of the Times He’s EVISCERATED Fox News and Other Targets (Video)

For all intents and purposes, Wednesday night’s penultimate episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as the host was his last real show. While tonight is the official “last episode,” it’s mostly going to be a tribute to Stewart filled with surprise guest appearances and probably some vignettes as well. Well, on Wednesday The Daily Show’s […]

Jon Stewart Shreds Fox News’ Hypocrisy After They Call Him a ‘Tool’: ‘This One Is Gonna Blow your Motherf**king Mind!’ (Video)

The conservative media, in particular Fox News, has masterminded this scheme where they perpetuate the idea that they’re the only sources for “truth,” and any other media entity or public figure that might call out their nonsense is all a part of a conspiracy against that “truth.” It’s textbook cult-like indoctrination; you get people to […]

Jon Stewart Hilariously Mocks Republicans Cozying Up to Koch Brothers at Weekend Event (Video)

As most liberals are well aware, the Koch brothers have basically run the Republican party for the last few years. In many ways, they practically own the GOP. Make no mistake about it, you’re not going to be taken seriously within the Republican party unless you’re either independently wealthy (Donald Trump) or you go groveling […]