Republican Sen. Joni Ernst Says President Obama Used Murdered Marines to Distract From Iran Deal

In politics, Democrats and Republicans rarely agree. Negative political attacks between the two parties is nothing new. But what we’ve seen from Republicans as it pertains to President Obama has been flat-out disgusting. To hear many members of the GOP talk, you’d think this president was one of the most diabolic and evil human beings […]

How Gay Marriage Could Cost Republicans The White House In 2016

From front-runners like Jeb Bush to not-a-chance-in-hell contenders like Rick “Frothy” Santorum or Bobby Jindal, every single potential Republican presidential candidate (with the possible exception of Rand Paul) has made opposition to gay marriage part of their platform. While there’s a divide between the hardcore social conservatives like Huckabee and those who strive to portray […]

Bent Back Mountain: Sarah Palin’s Iowa Speech Translated

Attendees of the Iowa Freedom Summit were treated to a well-scripted eloquent exciting speech from Half-Governor Sarah Palin over the weekend. She was introduced to the crowd by Iowa’s own Steve “Cantaloupe Calves” King, who pointed out that Grifter Sarah Palin had moved the party to the right. Way to the right. Over a cliff, if you […]

#Breadbags And Bootstraps: Joni Ernst Insults Our Intelligence In Her State of the Union Rebuttal

Republican first-term senator Joni Ernst was picked by the GOP to deliver their rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday evening. Senator Ernst was relatively quiet before, and during, the State of the Union, something many of us wish could be said of Rep. Steve King, also from Ernst’s home state of Iowa. […]

Why Is Congress Pushing New Anti-Abortion Laws? The Answer Is Simple

Over the last few years, pushing anti-abortion laws has moved from the back burner of GOP political priorities, to the forefront as we’ve seen recently. As soon as the 114th Congress convened, legislation was introduced to ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Conservative bloggers like Erick Erickson over at are absolutely in love […]