Tens Of Thousands Of People Call For Jon Stewart To Moderate 2016 Presidential Debate

I am a firm believer that petitions don’t change much when it comes to politics and government (or having world leaders tried for war crimes), but sometimes they do have an effect on companies and their decisions, because corporations depend on supplying what their customers demand. Petitions can be a gauge of public sentiment, although […]

Change.org Petition Created To Revoke Fox News’ Broadcasting License

Last week we discussed a petition created at MoveOn.org that requested the removal and prosecution of Speaker John Boehner for violation of the Logan Act. At the time I’m writing this, nearly 45,000 people who apparently don’t understand how government works have signed it. As I’ve stated over and over again, people need to get […]

GOP Gov. Mike Pence Announces State-Run Media With Pre-Written Stories

From the “you can’t make this shit up” files, Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is starting a state-run news service. You heard that right, I’m not making this up – Gov. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is starting a state-run news service. For all of the crazy news stories I see on a daily basis, including all of […]

Are Republicans Planning To Cancel President Obama’s State Of The Union Address?

A story posted on December 6th has been circulating Facebook and elsewhere on the Internet that claims Republicans are planning to cancel President Obama’s State of the Union address next year. While some Republicans would probably like to do it out of spite, this claim is little more than an exaggeration, wrapped in hyperbole and designed […]

Israelis Overwhelmingly Want President Obama to get Ebola? Not exactly…

*EDITOR’S NOTE* The title of this article has been changed to more accurately reflect the story. Last month, my colleague Allen Clifton was forced to do something I would find as difficult and disgusting as having to defend an animal abuser in court. Due to the unprofessional actions of a writer, one Stephen D. Foster […]