Sarah Palin Mocks Diabetic Pregnant Woman Who Fainted During Obama Speech, Calls it “Hilarious”

How anyone can call themselves a fan of Sarah Palin baffles me. ┬áSure, I get the hardcore conservatives who’ll cheer almost anything a Republican public figure says, but Sarah Palin is nothing more than a babbling idiot. During her few years of fame, there’s been no shortage of material showing just how reprehensible she really […]

Reaching New Lows: The Pathetic Conservative Response to Obama Helping a Fainting Woman

I always love the joke that if President Obama rushed into a burning building to save a group of orphans, the far right and conservative media would find some way to attack him for his actions. In other words, no matter what President Obama does—Republicans are going to criticize him for it. Even when he […]