Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow: Jews Lacked Courage, ‘Surrendered’ to Nazis

What the hell is happening? I honestly cannot believe I’m now living in a society where it’s apparently acceptable for Republicans (or anyone for that matter) to blame the Jewish people for the rise of Nazi Germany. Where it’s apparently acceptable to ridiculously claim that “if Jews had just been armed, Hitler would have never risen to […]

Fox News’ Doctor Ablow Pushes for Global ‘American Jihad’ on Every Other Nation on Earth (Video)

Fox News’ “medical expert” Keith Ablow is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most deplorable members of the media.  It’s a true testament to the despicable nature of Fox News that someone like Ablow is often featured on the network. He’s a fanatic, a fraud and an absolute scumbag. Well recently […]

Fox News “Medical A-Team” Doctor Lets Loose Full-Blown Racist Rant Against President Obama

In what might be some the most racist comments about the president I’ve heard in some time (at least from someone who’s a fairly high profile political commentator), Fox News’ “Medical A-Team” Doctor Keith Ablow pretty much accused the president of hating white America and taking the side of Africans because those are “his people.” And […]

Doctor on Fox News Disgustingly Implies Michelle Obama is Fat, ‘Needs to Drop a Few’ (Video)

On Fox News’ sad and pathetic attempt to pander to women show Outnumbered, the topic of healthier school lunches was being discussed when their “expert doctor” Keith Ablow implied that Michelle Obama shouldn’t be telling anyone else about eating healthy – because she “needs to drop a few.” Between the back and forth of the female co-hosts of […]