Olbermann Brilliantly Uses Trump Supporter’s Words to Prove Massive Conservative Hypocrisy (Video)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s done since launching his campaign over two years ago (besides embarrassing the country on a daily basis), he’s proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that Republicans are nothing but a bunch of cult-like hypocrites fueled by propaganda and conspiracies. Many of the same people who tried to make […]

Meet the Hero Who Drove Two Thousand Miles to Save Dogs from Being Slaughtered

Doing what I do for a living, there’s absolutely no shortage of “bad news” that comes across my television or computer screen every day.  The world can be a really ugly place.  That being said, when I have time, I like to try to highlight good news stories when they cross my path. Though even […]

The Inhumane Slaughter That’s Happening at the Olympics is Heartbreaking

I’ve said it on several occasions that when it comes to this year’s Olympics, I’m refusing to watch a single minute of any of the events.  I wouldn’t call it a boycott as much as just a choice not to participate.  I’m not going out of my way to not watch, I’m just refusing to […]

Keith Olbermann Rips Into Sochi’s Horrific Handling of Olympics Prep (VIDEO)

Though I haven’t really written anything about it, I have not been a supporter of the fact that the Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi.  Everything about the whole situation just didn’t sit right with me. Then when you add in the detestable and inhumane LGBT policies of the Russian government, it just gets even […]