Tea Party Rejected: Terry McAuliffe Wins, Democrats Take Virginia

In what some people are calling “Obamacare” vs. the tea party, Democrats can celebrate in Virginia with Terry McAuliffe winning tonight’s election and becoming the state’s next governor. McAuliffe was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2001-2005 and served as one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairmen during her 2008 campaign. In a race that […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Sick of Debating These Social Issues Like it’s 1913, Not 2013.”

Where has Elizabeth Warren been all my life?  In her short time in the Senate I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her.  While newly elected senators like Ted Cruz have made national fools of themselves, Elizabeth Warren has made a name as someone who seems to say what a lot of Americans are thinking. “Americans” […]

57,000 Virginians Could Have Their Voter Registration Canceled With Little Warning

In what has become a very close race in my home state of Virginia, it was announced that approximately 57,000 people would be potentially purged from the voter rolls due to supposedly being also registered to vote in another state. While it’s always a good idea to make sure you don’t have people still on […]

The Most Important Election of 2013

After the beating Tea Party-backed candidates like Todd Akin took in the 2012 election, you’d think that the GOP would find more moderate candidates to back in 2013 and beyond. Unfortunately for them, and us if we don’t get out the vote, they’ve decided to double down on stupid. There’s no better example of this […]