Home Depot Founder Threatens Catholic Church, Charities Over Pope Francis’ Economic Comments

Did Pope Francis know (or even care) that calling out the massive flaws with trickle-down economics would send many conservative Americans right off the deep end? The Pope didn’t once say capitalism was bad.  All he did was point out the flaws that are found in unfettered capitalism (the kind many conservative Americans want).  By […]

Ken Langone says something icky about the Pope, liberals call for boycott of his former company

In 1978, Ken Langone was the lead banker for Home Depot’s IPO. Langone is frequently referred to as a “co-founder” of the company. He sat on the board for 30 years. Using math, 1978+30=2008, which means Ken Langone has not been connected to Home Depot in 5 years. This fact did not stop liberals from […]