Chuck Todd to GOP House Leader: You’re Afraid of the Facts the FBI’s Finding About Trump (Video)

Since facts aren’t usually on their side, a common tactic used by Republicans is to try to discredit those who are telling the truth about them and their dishonest talking points. Whether it’s claiming media bias or, as we’ve seen recently, claiming that there’s a “deep state” working against Donald Trump, Republicans spend most of […]

New PPP Poll Shows How Wildly Unpopular The Republican Party Has Become

In 2010, voter apathy and conservative anger allowed Republicans to retake the House of Representatives. In the nearly 5 years since then, the GOP has shut down the government, launched one politically-motivated investigation after another, and has done everything except for actually govern. Last year, voters unconscionably gave them the Senate as well, and things […]

BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Abruptly Withdraws From House Speaker Race, GOP in Shambles

In a move that shocked pretty much everybody, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the person who the vast majority of people assumed was going to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, has abruptly withdrawn his name from consideration just hours after assuring people he was confident of victory as he headed into the GOP conference concerning the […]

Congressman Alan Grayson Files Ethics Charge Over Benghazi Hearings

The Republican-led Benghazi committee is one of the longest-running special investigations by Congress in American history. At over 70 weeks, it has surpassed even the Watergate hearings which resulted in criminal indictments, convictions, and the resignation of a sitting president. Not only has it wasted a lot of time Congress could be using to address real […]

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Awful Truth: Boehner’s Heir Apparent is a Bumbling Idiot (Video)

By now most people have probably heard about John Boehner’s impending departure from Congress. While many on the left and right celebrated this news, I warned progressives that we shouldn’t be too excited about the fact that Boehner’s no longer going to be House Speaker. Especially considering the circumstances. Think about it; Boehner isn’t leaving because he was simply too […]

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Admits Benghazi Hearings Were About Destroying Hillary Clinton

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News yesterday evening, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (who is expected to be the next Speaker of the House) finally admitted what most of us already knew – that the entire Benghazi investigation was designed to hurt Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. It was obvious from the […]