A Letter To America From Mitt Romney…I Mean Mott Rimney

Dear America, My name is Mott Rimney, and I am a middle-class guy from North Dakota. I’m writing you today to tell you about the man I hope is the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney. We – the normal, middle class people of this great country-recognize that Mitt is the obvious choice […]

Now More Than Ever, Democrats Need The Working Class

There’s a feeling that both political parties no longer represent the working class, and to some extent, that is true. As we saw in the disastrous aftermath of the 2014 elections and evidenced in the lowest turnout in over 70 years, Democrats are doing a really piss poor job of connecting with those of us […]

Here, Let Me Google That For You (A Guide To Dealing With Idiots On The Internet)

Let Me Google That For You is quite possibly the best thing on the internet. We’ve all experienced the moment when, during an online conversation, someone refuses to spend just a few minutes Googling information before lending their opinion. Perhaps it’s an anti-vaccine nut, bound and determined to prove (without any facts) that vaccines are […]