Sen. John McCain Introduces Amendment That Will Destroy More American Jobs

Remember when Sen. John McCain was the Republican you kinda sorta liked, at least up until the point where his 2008 presidential campaign put the Quitta from Wasilla on the national stage? How about that time when he proclaimed “I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have […]

Congressman Paul Gosar Calls Native Americans “Wards of the State”

When Congressman Paul Gosar referred to sovereign Indian nations as “wards of the federal government” a couple of weeks ago, he set off a storm. While referring to Native people as “wards of the state” is deeply problematic and racist language that the US government wants to leave in the past, the term itself is indicative of how […]

The Perpetual Conservative Hissyfit: “If Liberals Are For It, I’m Against It!”

I’ve lived in the South all of my life, as some of you who follow my page already know. Over the last few decades, I’ve resided in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and now Louisiana. Apart from the couple of years where I lived in the relatively liberal city of Orlando, the rest of that […]

President Obama Blasts Ridiculous Republican Propaganda on Keystone XL Pipeline

While there are clearly much bigger issues about which Republicans have acted absurd, the debate over the Keystone XL pipeline still ranks near the top of the absurdity list. This whole thing baffles me. For years Republicans have been trying to sell this project as some big “job creator” that’s going to help the United […]

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, 9th Edition

Welcome to the ninth edition of my series titled “10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican.” As always, the premise is straight forward and simple. Every few weeks I write this feature with 10 new questions I believe liberals should present to their conservative counterparts to have them answer. Though sometimes the questions aren’t […]

Here are Some Facts About the Keystone XL Pipeline Republicans Really Don’t Want Americans to See

The other day I was talking with someone about the Keystone XL pipeline and I said it reminded me somewhat of the story of the tooth fairy. Only small children could believe such a ridiculous story about a magical fairy who travels all over the globe, exchanging money for discarded teeth. At least with Santa […]

Fact: The Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create a Shockingly Low Number of Jobs

Before I get started, I hate to break the bad news to environmentalists, but when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline – unfortunately, it’s a losing battle.  The thing’s going to end up getting built and we’ll surely pay for it later. But pro-Keystone XL people shouldn’t get too cocky, because this little “pipeline […]