Here’s Why Donald Trump Meeting with Kim Jong-un Should Worry Everyone

Under normal circumstances, a United States president agreeing to a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with the hope of getting the dictator to end his nuclear ambitions might be a good thing. Unfortunately, we’re not currently living under normal circumstances. Right now we have an incompetent, unhinged buffoon named Donald Trump as “president” who […]

Puerto Rican Paper Towels to Buchenwald Bread Crumbs: #RESIST, While You Still Have Time

The world has now watched the Vulgarian Barbarian openly mock the physically disabled, brag about being a sexual assaulter, verbally humiliate the parents of fallen soldiers, attempt to ban major people groups from entering our nation, kick out other major people groups from our nation, pardon a racist criminal sheriff, work feverishly to strip healthcare […]

Here’s the Sad Reality About the War of Words Between Trump and Kim Jong-Un

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is an absolutely horrific human being. He’s a brutal, authoritarian dictator who routinely murders people, even members of his own family, while presiding over an impoverished country filled with millions of people who are starving, brainwashed, live in constant fear, and completely isolated from the outside world. That said, I […]

Without a Doubt, Thursday Was One of The Most Insane Days of Trump’s Presidency

To be honest, on most days, I could have written an in-depth article about each and every one of the following issues I’m about to discuss — that’s how completely insane Thursday’s news cycle has been. I guess we can begin with Twitter, where Trump likes to embarrass the country on a daily basis. The […]

Let’s Be Honest: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un are Essentially the Same Person

What we’re currently witnessing between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un is what happens when two unhinged, delusional, and mentally unstable crazy people face off with one another. Their “leadership abilities” are built around massive egos and unprecedented insecurities, fueled by “yes men” who are constantly pandering to their obsessive need to be told they’re the […]