Bernie Sanders Represents America’s Working Class, Not Donald Trump

Here in Louisiana and across the country, many white working class people have subscribed to the rhetoric of Donald Trump’s campaign and have rejected Bernie Sanders as being a “communist” – despite the fact his policies would benefit them. Faced with growing income inequality, rising healthcare costs and a lack of jobs, they have blamed […]

The Rise Of The KKK In 1915 Is Shockingly Similar To Donald Trump In 2015

The KKK and far-right hate groups made the news again this week when former Grand Wizard David Duke spoke about GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and praised Trump as being “head and shoulders right now above the rest.” While it is important to note that David Duke claimed this wasn’t an endorsement of the Trump campaign, […]

White Supremacist David Duke on Donald Trump: He Speaks ‘A Lot More Radically’ Than I Do

This was the election cycle during which the GOP planned on showing us that they had moved beyond the Southern Strategy. They were happy about the campaigns of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both of Hispanic origin. They also had a woman, Carly Fiorina, as well as Ben Carson, a celebrated neurologist who also happened […]

As A Liberal Atheist, This Is Why I Choose To Defend Muslims

After recent acts of terrorism around the world by radicalized Muslims, many Americans have responded in the worst possible way. Rather than recognize that these evil individuals represent a small minority out of the 1.6 billion people on this planet who believe in Islam, they’ve chosen to give in to fear and hatred. As an atheist […]

Documents Show Racist Cops In Dothan, Alabama Framed Black Men For Years

A story coming out of Alabama which has been published by the Henry County Report is deeply disturbing. According to the publication, police officers in the city of Dothan, Alabama have framed black residents for gun and drug crimes – then covered it up at the highest levels possible. This isn’t a case of officers failing […]

Donald Trump Super PAC Head Whines That Black Protesters Shouldn’t Be At Trump Rallies

Robert Kiger is the head of Citizens For Restoring USA, a Super PAC that is supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid. He appeared on CNN today to discuss (among other things) the protester who disrupted a Trump rally over the weekend and was assaulted by supporters of the billionaire’s campaign before being removed by security. When asked by CNN’s […]

While Many Americans Freak Out About Syrian Refugees, Canada Is Welcoming Them

In the wake of recent ISIS/Daesh terrorist attacks, much of the American public has had a collective freakout and demanded that the United States not accept Syrian refugees. Republican presidential candidates have also seized on this rash of paranoia, and Congress has passed legislation that has called for even stricter scrutiny of people who already […]

A Monument To MLK Will Be Built Over The Birthplace Of The Modern KKK

Just when you thought the Confederate flag controversy was going away, it looks like we’re in for another round of outrage from secession apologists and the “heritage, not hate” crowd. Stone Mountain, Georgia was the scene of some heated protests earlier this year over the Confederate flag. Now, it has been announced that a monument […]

Wakulla County, Florida Residents Freak Out Over Muslims Praying On The Beach

A Florida county is freaking out over Muslims. Wakulla County (which is to the south of the state’s capital of Tallahassee) is collectively losing it due to a photo of people praying on the beach. The photo was posted to Facebook by County Commissioner Ralph Thomas who came across some Muslims praying at Mashes Sands, a […]

43% Of Republicans Say They Could Support A Military Overthrow Of The United States Government

Remember the freakout earlier this summer over the Jade Helm military training operation? Remember how a number of politicians, all Republicans, pandered to the paranoid fringe that believed President Obama was finally going to unleash the United Nations forces on the Christian gun owners of America and send them to FEMA concentration camps? Right-wing conspiracy […]