Donald Trump Super PAC Head Whines That Black Protesters Shouldn’t Be At Trump Rallies

Robert Kiger is the head of Citizens For Restoring USA, a Super PAC that is supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid. He appeared on CNN today to discuss (among other things) the protester who disrupted a Trump rally over the weekend and was assaulted by supporters of the billionaire’s campaign before being removed by security. When asked by CNN’s […]

Two Boston Men Assault Homeless Hispanic Man, Claim Donald Trump Inspired Them

Republican candidates have been trying desperately to outdo Donald Trump, and tearing each other apart in the process. As the party’s base shrinks and contracts further to the fringe, political rhetoric that is often indistinguishable from hate speech becomes more and more common, especially during primary season. If you look back through American history, the […]

When Anti-Immigration Protests Turn Deadly

Anti-immigration fever finally came to a head as armed mobs attacked immigrant homes and churches. The final death toll may never be determined, but it is estimated that at least 20 people died and more than 100 were wounded before order was restored. This wasn’t along the United States border with Mexico,  this was in […]