Colorado Republican Proposes Welfare Solution: Give Everyone Guns

If you remember Tom Tancredo from the 2008 GOP primaries, congratulations, you pay attention to America’s political process more than most other people – political pundits included. If you don’t know who Tom Tancredo is, he was the less-funded, but virulently racist and anti-immigrant candidate from 2008 who rivals Donald Trump, but who barely made a […]

Group Of House Republicans Admits Climate Change Is Real Ahead Of Pope’s Visit

Pope Francis is coming to Washington next week, and he’s sure to anger a lot of Republicans with his expected remarks on climate change. Granted, his views on income inequality and the Syrian refugee crisis are also controversial to conservatives – but the climate change thing has really got them angry. Now a small number […]

Ted Cruz Says Climate Change Is A Cause Of ‘Environmentalist Billionaires’ At Koch Retreat

Considering that the 2016 Republican field is extremely crowded, candidates like Ted Cruz have to find a way to get noticed, especially by the billionaire donors. While they have to also throw red meat rhetoric to primary voters who tend to be evangelical Christians and Tea Party conservatives, wooing the big money donors is crucial […]

Jon Stewart Hilariously Mocks Republicans Cozying Up to Koch Brothers at Weekend Event (Video)

As most liberals are well aware, the Koch brothers have basically run the Republican party for the last few years. In many ways, they practically own the GOP. Make no mistake about it, you’re not going to be taken seriously within the Republican party unless you’re either independently wealthy (Donald Trump) or you go groveling […]

Charles Koch Compares His Political Mission To Martin Luther King Jr.

David and Charles Koch are going to spend a lot of money in the 2016 elections. $889 million is what they’ve pledged to back candidates who will further their agenda in the United States government, and almost all of the GOP candidates have made it a point to lick their boots in hopes of getting […]

Latest Move by Koch Brothers Proves What Spineless Cowards the Billionaires Really Are

It’s not really a secret that the Koch brothers have basically bought the Republican party. And make no mistake about it, the Koch brothers are very dangerous. They’re radical anti-regulation/anti-government Libertarians who would love to see our government, as Grover Norquist once said, “reduced to a size where they can drag it into the bathroom […]

Not One GOP Mayor Attends Climate Change Summit With Pope Francis

Pope Francis recently released an encyclical calling climate change “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.” As expected, Republicans lashed out at Pope Francis, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum chided him by saying that Pope Francis should “leave science to the scientists.” There are few issues that Republican politicians from right-wing to moderate […]

Bobby Jindal Crashes And Burns As Fox News Calls Out His Horrible Record In Louisiana

Fox News is often referred to as the media arm of the Republican Party. It also serves as a placeholder job for politicians like former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in between presidential campaigns, as well as a free platform for candidates like Louisiana’s governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal hasn’t had great poll numbers from the very […]

Bernie Sanders Introduces Solar Energy Bill To Help Low Income Americans

One in five American schoolchildren live below the federal poverty level. In Mississippi, the state with the highest percentage, one in three children are from poor households. 46.5 million people currently live in poverty in the United States, with 20.4 million living on an income that is half the level that designates the poverty threshold. […]

Bobby Jindal Tries #AskBobby Q&A On Twitter, Goes Down In Flames

My governor, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, is one of many Republicans running for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. With so many candidates in the race, anything he could do to get an edge on the competition would have been a welcome to his campaign, which is currently sitting in the low single digits in the […]