Texas Gun Activist: Lawmakers Who Voted Against Open Carry Should be Arrested and ‘Hung’

I’ve reached a point with gun nuts (especially open carry advocates) where all I can really do anymore is laugh and pity them. What kind of sad, pathetic life must someone lead to be so paranoid that they feel they need a gun with them at all times? And on top of that, these people […]

Open Carry Texas Leader Wouldn’t Qualify to Openly Carry Handguns Under Proposed Law

I’ve made no secret of my deep disdain for open carry advocates, Kory Watkins of Open Carry Tarrant Country in particular. While I’m not a big fan of gun nuts in general, I loathe these asinine fools who, in my opinion, have a sick obsession with guns. Whenever the “gun debate” is brought up, often […]

Open Carry Activists Bully, Harass and Threaten Texas Representative

While many people have heard of these bottom-feeding Open Carry activists, it’s really difficult to describe what it’s like to deal with these people face to face. I’ve had a couple of encounters with them and both times I walked away disgusted at the behavior of these people. I’m sure that not every single person […]