John Oliver Bashes Mainstream Media for Lazy 2016 Coverage: ‘It’s a Complete Waste of Breath’

While he was a relatively well-known correspondent on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, it wasn’t until John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight debuted last year that he truly became a star. His show quickly carved out its own niche as one that covered many of the stories largely ignored by the mainstream media. As a host, Oliver often said […]

John Oliver Delivers One of His Best Segments Yet – And Nobody Seems to Care (Video)

I’ve watched every episode of John Oliver’s new HBO show Last Week Tonight since it debuted a few months ago. Besides the quality of the information presented on the show, I think what’s drawn me in the most is that Oliver seems to go out of his way to cover stories people need to care more about. […]

John Oliver Hammered Dr. Oz’s Unethical Pushing of Supplements, Inspiring Debate We Need to Have

Even though his show is fairly new, John Oliver is making quite the name for himself every Sunday night.  The HBO show Last Week Tonight has become one of my go-to shows to watch every week. That was especially the case last week when Oliver spent over half his show addressing how poorly regulated our supplement industry […]