Parkland Survivor Brilliantly Calls Out Melania Trump for Being a Fraud on Standing Up to Cyberbullying

I recently wrote an op-ed expressing my frustration with those who’ve said they “feel sorry” for Melania Trump following the on-going headlines being made concerning an affair her husband had with a former adult film star back in 2006. My belief is that she knew what she was getting into when the ex-European model married […]

People Who Elected a Reality TV Star Want Athletes to Stop Discussing Politics

When it comes to Donald Trump, the GOP, the conservative media, and their supporters, it’s not difficult to find glaring examples of jaw-dropping hypocrisy and irony that I might not believe if I wasn’t currently alive right now to witness it with my own eyes. Take for instance the recent controversy stemming from Fox News’ […]

Fox News is Nothing More Than Donald Trump’s Version of State-Run Media

With all due respect to Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, two journalists who I happen to respect, along with a couple of others, these few exceptions at the Donald Trump-loving cesspool known as Fox News don’t negate the rule that American’s most-watched conservative entertainment channel has morphed into this “president’s” own version of state-run media. […]

Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham Shreds Jeb Bush: There’s ‘Something Wrong With You’ (Audio)

While nothing is definite until the final results are in (especially when it comes to a perceived favorite to win a party’s presidential nomination), Jeb Bush might have just ruined his campaign before it started when he told Megyn Kelly that knowing what we know now about Iraq, he would absolutely still invade the Middle […]

Fox News Host: Mike Huckabee Will Never Be President

Mike Huckabee’s last show on Fox was Saturday evening. Huckabee, who has been a fixture on Fox for six-and-a-half years, announced his decision to leave the network on the air. He also posted his statement to his Facebook page many times – the same post for every state in the country, and Puerto Rico and Guam. The reason Mike […]

Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham Blames Secret Service Breach on Gender Equality (Video)

Leave it to somebody on Fox News to turn the recent issues with the Secret Service into some asinine attack on gender equality and women’s rights. Frequent Fox News contributor and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday morning to discuss the recent breach of White House security. Instead of focusing on […]

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Goes Off on Completely Ridiculous Anti-Obama Rant About Ferguson (Video)

You know, I get it.  Republicans hate President Obama.  I mean, they really hate him.  That’s fine, it’s nothing new.  Jesus Christ himself could come down and profess that Obama is one of the “good guys,” and I’m convinced conservatives would turn on Jesus before they’d embrace Obama. But that doesn’t mean that they have to make […]

Watch: Laura Ingraham Admits on Fox News that Bush’s Policies Made Iraq Worse

With Iraq rapidly falling apart, it’s fairly indisputable to anybody with critical thinking and comprehension skills that George W. Bush will easily go down as one of the worst presidents in United States history.  Long-term success in Iraq was about the only thing I think he felt might have saved his legacy.  I think he […]