Glenn Beck Blasts The Republican Party: ‘I’m Done With Them’

It’s a very rare day when you’ll see me talk about Glenn Beck, let alone agree with him. After all, the guy was booted from Fox News. If your act is too crazy for Fox, that says a lot about the people you’re trying to attract. That’s right, I said it was an act. Glenn […]

I Didn’t Leave the GOP — It Left Me

For over three decades now, the GOP has courted the likes of Pat Robertson and his followers. In addition to 15-passenger van, denim skirt-wearing religious fundamentalists and snake handlers, they’ve also tried to appeal to alienated Dixiecrats who were absolutely repulsed by the Democrats’ move toward the left when it came to civil rights. Throughout […]

Why I left the Republican Party

I was raised in a very conservative family in a very conservative part of Virginia, a place where there still isn’t a strip club within at least 100 miles but there’s a church on almost every corner. This is old Dixiecrat country, not far from the snake handling and moonshine country that covers both sides […]