More Progress: The National Push for Marijuana Has a Surprising New Major Ally

Just in these past couple years we’ve seen the first two states (Colorado and Washington) in the United States legalize recreational marijuana possession and use. ┬áThis is of course a huge deal because until this point marijuana was illegal (except for specific medical purposes in specific states) and still does remain illegal on the federal […]

Senator John McCain: “Maybe We Should Legalize” Marijuana

Speaking at a town hall meeting yesterday in Arizona, Republican Senator John McCain said something which, when I read it, stunned me a little bit. While he talked about a wide variety of topics, the issue of legalizing marijuana was brought up and McCain had some surprising words: “Maybe we should legalize. We’re certainly moving […]

Debunking The Biggest White House Lies About Marijuana

As progressives, we love to think of ourselves as true fighters for the people–pushing for human rights, equality and positive change in the face of lies from “the other side.” This same progressive principle needs to be applied to marijuana, which is one of the most versatile plants our planet has ever given us. Many […]