My Experience Buying Legal Weed in Colorado (with IMAGES)

First off, let me state that I honestly never thought I would see the day that I would be buying legal recreational marijuana anywhere in this country.  The reefer madness we’ve seen perpetuated over the past century has been absurd, and seemed impossible to overcome for quite a while.  If not for all of the […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Liberals, Libertarians, & Marijuana Legalization

I strongly believe that marijuana legalization is an issue that “liberals” and “libertarians” can and should be working on together – pushing the federal government and the state governments to legalize. The problem is, while many people in both groups favor legalization to some degree, many people in both groups are also unable to press […]

Democratic Congresswoman on Colorado Weed Sales: ‘Guess What? The World Didn’t End’

It’s been a full week since legal recreational marijuana sales went live in the state of Colorado, and judging from all of the reports, it’s been an incredible success. On New Year’s Day alone, pot shops reported overall sales of over $1 million, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to the state.  There […]