The NRA Is Lying, Liberals Don’t Want To Take Your Guns

Living here in Louisiana, it isn’t hard to find a pickup truck with an NRA sticker on it. Guns are part of the culture here, and I’m OK with that for the most part. The Second Amendment was intended to ensure that men of military age were able to own weapons to defend a fledgling […]

I Am A White Gun Owner, And I Hate The NRA

For those of you who have followed my writing for a while, it’s no secret that I am a white liberal gun owner who lives in the South. I owned my first gun at a very early age, as did many other people in the rural part of Virginia where I grew up. This may […]

Bernie Sanders Has The Most Reasonable Position On Gun Control

The United States has a horrific problem with gun violence, and President Obama is considering his executive action options for addressing this issue. Predictably, gun fanatics have completely freaked out over this news. As a gun owner, I fully support the right of sane, non-criminal American citizens to own weapons. I enjoy target shooting and […]

President Obama’s Executive Action Is A Good Thing For Gun Owners

President Obama is considering taking executive action to address the horrific gun violence problem we are facing here in the United States, and gun fanatics are predictably freaking out. On my local news station’s Facebook page, people have reacted with ignorant rantsĀ about gun confiscation, and some have even suggested that someone with a gun should […]

The NRA And The GOP Are Equally Responsible For America’s Mass Shootings

Let me preface this article on mass shootings and the NRA by stating that I am a gun owner. I currently own a .243 Savage bolt action hunting rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson M&P Shield handgun. Since I was a young child, I have used firearms and know […]

This Video Destroys The NRA Lie That More Guns Make Us Safer

In the wake of the Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater shooting, gun fanatics have been very quick to claim that this shooting happened because the Grand 16 theater is a “gun-free zone.” By their logic, if a “good guy with a gun” was allowed to carry their weapon into that evening’s showing of the movie “Trainwreck,” […]

4 Gun Nut Talking Points Debunked By A Gun Owner

Yes, that is a picture of me. Yes, that is a gun in my hand. In case you’re wondering, that is a Savage 110E chambered in .243 with a 6x18x50 Bushnell scope on it which can hit a target 600 yards or further out in the right hands. Before we go any further, I am […]