Green Party Hero Jill Stein Snaps, Outrageously Defends North Korea, Russia, and Trump (Video)

As a progressive, I’ve made no secret of my disdain for Green Party hero Jill Stein. While I don’t personally know her, she strikes me as an egotistical, petty, in-it-for-herself fraud who boosts herself, not by actually making a difference, but by pandering to people who are naive enough to think she knows what she’s […]

Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Departure Exposes an Alarming Reality About the Far Left & Right

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is probably aware that I’m not the biggest fan of “fanatics.” By “fanatics” I mean the far-left and far-right absolutists who seem to live in some sort of world where compromise is a negative word and there’s only one answer to every question — their answer.  I’m not saying […]

Wow, Tuesday Was a Day When ‘Political Crazy’ Came Out in Full Force

In politics, there’s never a shortage of “crazy” out there. When people ask me what’s one of the main things I’ve taken away from being someone who covers and writes about politics, it’s that I’m astonished how many unstable people there are in the world. It’s actually a bit terrifying to realize that the thousands […]

Shameful: Liberal Website Wasted No Time Trying to Divide People to Exploit Dallas Tragedy

I’m a progressive, but I’m also someone who, at times, is disgusted by the way some on “my side” behave. I’ll be the first to admit that there are so-called “liberal” websites out there that are every bit as awful (just in different ways, sometimes) as the trash I see from the likes of Drudge and Breitbart. […]

After Clinton Endorsement, Rabid Sanders Supporters Trash Elizabeth Warren on Social Media

As expected, following Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination this week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasted almost no time in endorsing her candidacy for president. This really shouldn’t have been all that shocking considering it’s been clear from the start that Warren, like Bernie Sanders did in 2008, was going to stay neutral until a candidate […]

The Day Quite a Few Liberals Defended and Promoted Right-Wing Propaganda

One of the first things that I saw plastered everywhere on Friday morning was that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were tied in a new poll out of Nevada. Being that I’m a bit of a polling nerd, I was curious exactly how the poll was conducted and who it was conducted by. What was the MOE […]

MSBNC Host Melissa Harris-Perry Tries to Turn Star Wars Into a PC Racial Issue (Video)

Aside from battling conservatives who seem determined to destroy the middle class, set this country back decades and turn the United States into a fanatical Christian theocracy, my second biggest nemesis tends to be ridiculous far-left liberals who, quite frankly, often make the left look like complete idiots. I’ve made no secret of the fact […]

Liberal Websites Ultimately Help Racists by Pathetically Running with Bogus KKK Story

On Monday, when I saw the liberal media exploding with the news that several Republicans politicians had been “outed by Anonymous as members of the KKK,” the first thing I did was go fact-finding. What did I find literally within 30 seconds of researching whether or not this story was true? That it wasn’t. In fact […]

No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto

Hillary Clinton has had a long career of service both in charity, law, and government. Starting in the 1960s, she became involved with politics, starting as a Republican, but soon becoming a Democrat in 1968. For any politician, male or female, she has a very impressive resume. Now she wants to be the next president […]

The Real Reason Why Oklahoma Republicans are Trying to Ban AP History

My colleague Manny Schewitz covered in great detail the absurd push in Oklahoma to ban AP History classes in the state, and he was pretty much spot-on with his analysis. A large part of why conservatives oppose these classes is that they don’t teach the “white-washed” aspect of United States history. In other words, conservatives […]