The Real Reason Why Oklahoma Republicans are Trying to Ban AP History

My colleague Manny Schewitz covered in great detail the absurd push in Oklahoma to ban AP History classes in the state, and he was pretty much spot-on with his analysis. A large part of why conservatives oppose these classes is that they don’t teach the “white-washed” aspect of United States history. In other words, conservatives […]

Jon Stewart Slams Republicans And Liberals: ‘Vaccine Ignorance’ Has Created ‘Strange Hospital Bedfellows’ (Video)

Words cannot express how glad I am that the ridiculous “anti-vaxxers” are finally being properly slammed in the media. For far too long this “movement” has been building without much resistance from the mainstream media, which isn’t surprising considering our “news” nowadays is more about what makes ratings instead of what people probably need to […]

My Experience Dealing With Liberals Who Act Like Conservative Fans of Fox News

I went back and forth about writing this, but then I realized that this is an issue I feel needs to be pointed out because it seemed so many liberals just didn’t “get it.” What I’m talking about was an article I wrote a couple days ago calling out certain liberal blogs for fabricating a story about […]

A Shocking Truth Anti-Vaccine Nuts Don’t Want You To Know

We’ve been over this before, many, many times. Vaccines are safe, and they’re not some evil plot by some secret, sinister group to reduce the world’s population. They aren’t the cause of autism. So why in the hell would people turn their backs on years of research and not immunize their children? The reason is […]

5 Stereotypes Liberals Need To Stop Using

On a regular basis, I see people commenting how “both sides are the same!” while browsing various news stories around the Internet. For the most part this is a steaming pile of bull manure, but the one thing both sides are guilty of is stereotyping. Sure, we’ve all seen the “LIBERALS ARE ALL COMMIE SOCIALIST […]

Marijuana vs. Guns: The Ridiculous Illinois Attack on Our Second Amendment Rights

Most people are well aware that I’m an advocate for sensible gun regulations.  The keyword in that sentence being “sensible.”  Often misconstrued in the rhetoric of the “gun debate” is that people who support regulations on guns are somehow anti-Second Amendment.  A belief which isn’t true at all.  I believe in universal background checks for […]