More Undeniable Proof That the Conservative Movement is Dying in America

If you listen to Republicans talk (because they’re masters at propaganda) you’d think conservatism is engulfing the United States and Americans are becoming more and more conservative every single day. Except, that’s not true at all. It might sometimes seem that way because Republicans are usually good at being unified and controlling the message.  Generally if Fox […]

Bill O’Reilly Might Have Just Made the Dumbest Statement About Liberals I’ve Ever Seen Him Make

As a liberal, it goes without saying I rarely agree with anything Bill O’Reilly says.  In fact, I think he’s a giant blowhard who doesn’t even believe half the crap he says.  While he champions his show to be “spin free,” anyone with half a brain knows that line is complete garbage. An obviously biased […]

Think President Obama is a Liberal? Think Again! A Look Inside the Political Compass Test

Many years ago, when I first started studying political science, a professor of mine at Stony Brook University asked everyone in the class to take The Political Compass test. The purpose was to prove that political ideology is not linear, and not simply left and right. Rather, political ideology falls on a spectrum that includes […]