Dear Liberals: Here’s a Dose of Harsh Reality You All Need to Hear

This is going to be short, simple, honest and not something most liberals are going to want to hear. And that’s fine by me, because I’m completely frustrated with all this nonsense. There’s a simple and undeniable fact when it comes to voting, our elections and who controls our government: When liberals show up to […]

Exposing the Horrifying Truth About Liberals

I give in, conservatives have beaten me. They’ve finally convinced me the horrors that might come from a nation ruled by liberal ideology. And let me tell you, it would be a nightmare. Could you imagine if the United States was a country where we had universal health care and millions of people weren’t saddled […]

The Demilitarization Of Law Enforcement Is Something Both Sides Can Agree On

On May 27th of this year, a Tampa Bay SWAT team shot Jason Westcott to death inside of his home. Mr. Westcott was hit by two shotgun slugs and a pistol round in his bedroom, and later died at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The raid was prompted by information from a confidential informant who stated he […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Liberals, Libertarians, & Marijuana Legalization

I strongly believe that marijuana legalization is an issue that “liberals” and “libertarians” can and should be working on together – pushing the federal government and the state governments to legalize. The problem is, while many people in both groups favor legalization to some degree, many people in both groups are also unable to press […]

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican

When it comes to politics, I think most people have a love/hate relationship.  When people ask me what I do, one of the followup questions I get asked quite often is, “Isn’t that incredibly frustrating?”  And the answer is yes, it is. Politics might be one of the few areas I know of where facts, […]

When it Comes to War, it Seems Liberals Become “Conservative” and Conservatives Become “Liberal”

A funny thing occurred to me during this escalating debate over what we should do about Syria — the sudden change of philosophies as it relates to liberals and conservatives. See, on any normal day conservatives constantly harp on about spending and being “fiscally responsible.”  Which we all know is completely ridiculous. Here’s a rule: […]

Why “Liberals” Should Stop Calling Themselves “Liberals”

Before I get started, let me say there’s nothing at all wrong with being a “liberal.”  I ofter refer to myself as one simply because it’s the popular terminology for someone with my political beliefs. I just think the word is too small.  Not small as in it’s only 7 letters, but small as in […]

The Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives on Key Issues

They say two things in life are certain–death and taxes.  Well, I’d like to add a third–Liberals and conservatives will rarely agree on anything. Now I’ll be honest, I love people who think differently than I do.  I love a good debate that gets two people discussing issues in a way they might not have […]