Abolish the Minimum Wage and Bring Back Robber Barons!

You wanna hear a good libertarian joke? Robber barons are humanitarians and abolishing the minimum wage is the humanitarian thing to do. Ok, it’s not funny, but Amity Shlaes argues at the National Review that having a minimum wage is not just economically a bad idea (because it dips into the pockets of the 1%ers), […]

Did Ron Paul Advocate an Armed Rebellion Against Our Government Over Obamacare?

Anyone who follows me knows I can’t stand Libertarians. ┬áSure, some of them are great people who mean well, but their political philosophy is so completely flawed that I view the entire movement as similar to some kind of adolescent rebellion. ┬áThe thing I always laugh at when it comes to Libertarians is the fact […]