Rand Paul Isn’t A Reform Candidate, He’s Just More Of The Same

Rand Paul for president? Yawn. I really hope that the Republicans who have mocked President Obama’s “Hope” logo for the last 6+ years are taking notes here. Remember how you guys laughed at all the people who fawned over then-candidate Obama as if he was the second coming of Jesus himself? Oh yeah, those people […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Would Use Military Force Against Congress As President

Conservative pundits and politicians love to portray President Obama as a lawless domestic tyrant who has shredded the Constitution. Hardly a day goes by when Fox News hosts don’t ask if he’s violating the Constitution or insinuate that he’s a Marxist Muslim sent to destroy America as we know it as part of a secret […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Liberals, Libertarians, & Marijuana Legalization

I strongly believe that marijuana legalization is an issue that “liberals” and “libertarians” can and should be working on together – pushing the federal government and the state governments to legalize. The problem is, while many people in both groups favor legalization to some degree, many people in both groups are also unable to press […]

Does John Stossel Not Like Babies?

When I was a kid, I used to always watch whatever it was my grandma was watching, though usually detached. I didn’t have a heart for the sexy mustachioed “Magnum PI,” but I did kind of watch “The Equalizer.” And then there was “20/20.” These old people talked about everything with such pathos and authority […]

What God Do Christian Libertarians Worship?

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the interwebs, nestled in between keywords like “bitcoin,” “freedom,” “Ron Paul,” “Federal Reserve,” and “church,” you may stumble upon the ground floor of Christian Libertarianism. Your jaw may drop a meter as you are struck by sheer ignorance, hubris, and nincompoopery. In addition to “the big government conspiracies” that […]

Rand Paul Tries to Compare Himself to Eisenhower, Fails Miserably

For someone who likes to project himself as a man of history and Constitutionalism, Senator Rand Paul doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about either. Then again, that’s probably what happens when your dad spends years running for President, making his last name fairly famous—and you ride his coattails to a political career. Earlier […]

The Massacres In Syria Debunk Popular Libertarian Anti-War Rhetoric

If you follow my Facebook page, “Right Off A Cliff,” you probably know there’s a “love/hate” relationship between me and Libertarians. Well “love/hate”—without the love. I think most of them are narrow-minded individuals who lack the ability to see the “big picture” on much of anything and cling to a overly simplistic ideology which often […]

The Libertarian Denial: The Truth About Rand Paul and Drones

I wrote an article yesterday covering the comments made by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Monday, when he shockingly said he supported the use of drones to kill Americans on American soil without a trial.  This, of course, is a complete contradiction from his 13 hour filibuster in March where he spoke out against the […]