Exposing Libertarianism: The Belief That We Should Give More Power to Those Who Are Corrupting Government

Anyone who follows me knows I am not the biggest fan of libertarians. In fact, I loathe the whole ideology. I’m not saying that all libertarians are bad people (I know a few who are great people), I just happen to believe their ideology is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. These people believe in […]

Jon Stewart Remakes Koch Brothers Commercial So That It Actually Tells The Truth (Video)

I guess if you’re worth billions of dollars, it doesn’t really matter if you waste some of it advertising on a show with an audience that’s clearly not in your typical “targeted demographic.” So while it’s a bit surprising to hear that the Koch brothers bought themselves some propaganda ad space on The Daily Show, I guess it […]

My Excruciating Experience Debating a Libertarian Who Tried to Claim That Progressivism is a Religion

I have a pretty steady rule that I follow fairly well when it comes to political debates: I don’t deal with Libertarians.  It’s just not worth it. Libertarianism is the bane of my existence.  Not that all Libertarians are bad people – they’re not.  I have several Libertarian friends (though I absolutely refuse to debate […]

Libertarian Radio Host Defends Nevada Shooters, Says Killing Cops Isn’t Murder

Most people who follow me already know that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the Libertarian party.  Not that I loathe all Libertarians (I am friends with a couple), but generally it’s safe to say that if I met 100 random Libertarians, I would probably be unable to stand at least 90 of them. […]

The Libertarian Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood

Usually, when conservatives fight Planned Parenthood, it’s over abortion – or at least that’s how it is framed. It’s (supposedly) a moral issue about the babies and life, tied into religion. But conservative libertarians supposedly care about individual liberties, so we’d be led to believe they’d be pro-choice – except they rarely ever are (cf, […]

Abolish the Minimum Wage and Bring Back Robber Barons!

You wanna hear a good libertarian joke? Robber barons are humanitarians and abolishing the minimum wage is the humanitarian thing to do. Ok, it’s not funny, but Amity Shlaes argues at the National Review that having a minimum wage is not just economically a bad idea (because it dips into the pockets of the 1%ers), […]

Dear Libertarians: It’s Time You Face Facts – Your Political Beliefs Make Absolutely No Sense

I have a rule I try to follow the best I can – I don’t debate Libertarians.  It’s usually a mind-numbing process of debating people who seem to have such a small vision of the world that I often question whether or not they understand how societies work at all. In their world, regulations are […]