Is Jeb Bush Hiring Actors To Make His Campaign Seem More Popular Than It Is?

A story has been circulating for about a week now claiming that a company admitted that politicians rent crowds of people from them in order for their campaigns to seem more popular. It also hints that Jeb Bush may be one of these politicians and that his run for the White House might need all […]

Exposing Libertarianism: The Belief That We Should Give More Power to Those Who Are Corrupting Government

Anyone who follows me knows I am not the biggest fan of libertarians. In fact, I loathe the whole ideology. I’m not saying that all libertarians are bad people (I know a few who are great people), I just happen to believe their ideology is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. These people believe in […]

Rand Paul: Vaccines Are The First Step Toward Martial Law

Rand Paul makes sense on some issues. In fact, he makes so much sense on issues like drug legalization and civil liberties that a lot of people on the left (myself included) find themselves thinking, “Hey, this guy isn’t so bad!” and almost completely forget about the fact he’s a Republican – or that he […]

5 Congressional Races To Watch In The 2014 Mid-Term Elections

While most of the half-hearted attention being given to the 2014 mid-term elections is being given to the Senate, there are still some interesting races that are not getting the coverage that they should outside of state or local┬ánews. Since gaining back the House has been mostly written off as an exercise in futility this […]

How Liberals Are Being Tricked into Supporting and Funding Radical Right-Wing Groups

Since the Mike Brown shooting, I’ve seen a massive uptick of people sharing stories from Cop Block and similar pages with the same “goal” of “exposing” bad behavior by police. This increased activity prompted me to visit a Facebook page called Florida Cop Watch. While surfing around I noticed a misleading video they pushed in […]

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The Demilitarization Of Law Enforcement Is Something Both Sides Can Agree On

On May 27th of this year, a Tampa Bay SWAT team shot Jason Westcott to death inside of his home. Mr. Westcott was hit by two shotgun slugs and a pistol round in his bedroom, and later died at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The raid was prompted by information from a confidential informant who stated he […]

Russia’s Propaganda Campaign Is Using The Left Against Obama

I’m pretty sure that by now, almost everyone has seen the video and the accompanying story in which an anchor for RT (formerly known as Russia Today) resigns on the air stating that she can no longer work for a state-funded propaganda machine disguised as a news network. However, I want to pose a question […]

Dear Libertarians: It’s Time You Face Facts – Your Political Beliefs Make Absolutely No Sense

I have a rule I try to follow the best I can – I don’t debate Libertarians. ┬áIt’s usually a mind-numbing process of debating people who seem to have such a small vision of the world that I often question whether or not they understand how societies work at all. In their world, regulations are […]

Rand, Ron and their Misanthropic Southern Strategy

Libertarians do not like being confused with conservatives. To be fair, they are not. Conservatism is about a reaction against the movement towards freedom and equality in protecting, as best it can, the status quo; libertarianism isn’t concerned about the status quo and focuses on freedom – for some. A very small subgroup of already […]

Progressivism and Libertarianism: A Happy Compromise

From time to time, both online and offline (AKA “The Real World”), I run into people who believe that in the absence of government, all of our problems would be solved. You can often find them online on some of the stranger forums at 3 AM or inserting themselves into unrelated conversation with bizarre comments […]