Maine Governor Paul LePage Met 8 Different Times with Known Domestic Terrorist Group

A book written by a liberal activist is causing quite a lot of commotion for Maine’s Governor Paul LePage.  It details several meetings he conducted with a group classified by the FBI and Maine law enforcement as belonging to a “known domestic terrorist movement.” The group is called the Sovereign Citizens, or sometimes referred to as […]

How Reprehensible Can Their Rape Comments Get? Look at What This Maine Republican Said

This article isn’t going to have any fancy lead-in, because this story is absolutely atrocious. Recently a liberal activist and blogger, Mike Tipping, dug up some of the most vile comments that I’ve ever read, coming from Maine State Representative Lawrence Lockman. And when I say “vile,” I mean it in every sense of the […]

Republican Governor Pushing to Loosen Child Labor Laws

And the Republican march to return us to a society similar to that of the late-1800’s continues.  The latest move comes by way of the Republican Governor from Maine, Paul LePage, announcing that he will continue to push for the loosening of child labor laws through the new year.  He apparently thinks children as young […]

Portland, Maine Becomes First East Coast City to Legalize Marijuana Possession

Beyond the “business as usual” political races most people follow — the biggest tonight being the ones in Virginia, New Jersey and New York City — another historic vote was held in Portland, Maine concerning the legalization of marijuana. Well, the people have been heard—and overwhelmingly, I might add. With about 70% of voters voting […]

Tea Party-Backed Governor Paul LePage: President Obama “Hates White People”

If Republicans want me to take them more seriously, they really need to stop electing individuals like Maine Governor Paul LePage.  This is a man who’s making quite the career out of asinine comments. His most recent ridiculous statement apparently came last week when two GOP lawmakers (though I’m sure conservatives will claim this is […]