Chris Christie Promises To Prosecute You For Marijuana If He’s Elected President

Last month, New Jersey governor Chris Christie promised that if he was elected president, he would go after states that allowed the sale and use of recreational marijuana. On CBS’s Face The Nation he made it very clear that as president, he would federally prosecute people for marijuana, even though it is legal in states […]

Nancy Grace Makes an Absolute Fool Out of Herself During Ridiculous Anti-Marijuana Tirade (Video)

I have absolutely no idea why Nancy Grace has her own show. I’ve literally never met a single person who claims to follow her in any sort of serious way, and I can’t imagine who would view this woman as a credible source on much of anything. She’s just awful. And while I wouldn’t call myself […]

Republican Congressman Makes Unbelievably Absurd Statements About Marijuana Legalization

Every once in a while I come across a story where I’m not even sure how to describe the stupidity that I just came across. This recently happened after Sarah Palin’s Iowa Freedom Summit debacle where she gave a speech so incoherent that it was almost impossible to transcribe. But that was just Palin being […]

Unintended Consequences: Legalizing Marijuana in Colorado Has Led to More Home Explosions

An unintended consequence to legalizing marijuana in Colorado has led to a drastic increase in the numbers of homes exploding or catching on fire. What’s causing this to happen is that people are using highly flammable chemicals inside of their homes to extract hash oil from marijuana – causing some to set themselves on fire […]

Rapper 2 Chainz Humiliates Nancy Grace During Debate Over Marijuana Legalization (Video)

Normally I can’t stomach watching anything related to Nancy Grace. She’s just – awful. Though I’m always willing to watch a segment where she gets humiliated on national television by one of her guests. That’s what happened when she brought on Tauheed Epps, otherwise known as rapper 2 Chainz, for a debate on whether or not marijuana […]

Annapolis Police Chief Pathetically Cites “37 Deaths” Hoax While Testifying Against Marijuana Legalization

Most days the news I read is utterly depressing.  Being a writer – especially in politics – you spend most of your time dealing with some of the uglier sides of society.  And while I love what I do, I will admit that reading as much news as I read sometimes leaves you with the […]

President Obama Opens Up About Marijuana Legalization, Says All the Right Things

Some might call it playing politics while others might call it an evolution on an idea, but President Obama’s recent comments about marijuana legalization were a clear step toward accepting legalization. And while I’m sure many marijuana advocates will say his comments weren’t enough, I personally thought everything he said was spot-on. President Obama said, […]

Nancy Grace Claims Marijuana Users Shoot Each Other, Stab Each Other and Kill Whole Families

Growing up people told me I should have been a lawyer, but I could never bring myself to choose that career path.  While not all lawyers are bad people (despite the stereotypes) often it seems to be a successful trial lawyer you really have to kind of sell your soul to do it.  Which is […]

Louisiana Lawmakers To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

On January 21st, Louisiana’s House Committee for Administration Of Criminal Justice will meet to discuss marijuana legalization in the Bayou State. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in August of 2013 shows that 65% of Louisiana residents support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and 64% of respondents also opposed current Louisiana law which […]

This is why I’ve Reversed My Position on Marijuana Legalization

Once upon a time I used to dismiss the argument for the legalization of marijuana pretty quickly because I honestly didn’t care.  I didn’t care because when it came to that issue I was completely ignorant. Honestly, it’s a plant people smoke to get high — who cares, right? In fact if I leaned either way, […]