Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To End Federal Ban On Marijuana

Currently marijuana is legal for recreational use in four states and the District of Columbia. In twenty other states, it is legal for medical use, although the laws in all of these states are in conflict with federal law. The federal government lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is in the same category […]

Chris Christie Just Ended His Chances Of Becoming President With This Promise

Chris Christie isn’t in the crowded 2016 GOP field just yet, but he’s already made it highly unlikely that he’ll find himself a faction of the Republican Party supportive of his candidacy should he decide to run. If Chris Christie does decide to join the pack of potential presidential candidates, he would be one of […]

9-Year-Old Girl Leads The Fight To Legalize Medical Marijuana In Texas (Video)

Right now there’s an ongoing debate in this country concerning the legalization of recreational marijuana. And while the tide has definitely turned toward public support for such action, there are still controversies that surround the substance that will need to be put to rest once and for all before we see marijuana legalized on a […]

Stoned Bunnies: The DEA’s Latest Ridiculous Argument Against Legalizing Medical Marijuana

While the tide has turned toward legalization in the marijuana “debate,” there are still a lot of discussions that need to be had before this issue finally reaches some kind of a consensus. But when it comes to the medical uses for marijuana, there’s really not much of a debate on that matter. If marijuana can help people […]

Nancy Grace Makes an Absolute Fool Out of Herself During Ridiculous Anti-Marijuana Tirade (Video)

I have absolutely no idea why Nancy Grace has her own show. I’ve literally never met a single person who claims to follow her in any sort of serious way, and I can’t imagine who would view this woman as a credible source on much of anything. She’s just awful. And while I wouldn’t call myself […]

Republican Congressman Makes Unbelievably Absurd Statements About Marijuana Legalization

Every once in a while I come across a story where I’m not even sure how to describe the stupidity that I just came across. This recently happened after Sarah Palin’s Iowa Freedom Summit debacle where she gave a speech so incoherent that it was almost impossible to transcribe. But that was just Palin being […]

Unintended Consequences: Legalizing Marijuana in Colorado Has Led to More Home Explosions

An unintended consequence to legalizing marijuana in Colorado has led to a drastic increase in the numbers of homes exploding or catching on fire. What’s causing this to happen is that people are using highly flammable chemicals inside of their homes to extract hash oil from marijuana – causing some to set themselves on fire […]

Rapper 2 Chainz Humiliates Nancy Grace During Debate Over Marijuana Legalization (Video)

Normally I can’t stomach watching anything related to Nancy Grace. She’s just – awful. Though I’m always willing to watch a segment where she gets humiliated on national television by one of her guests. That’s what happened when she brought on Tauheed Epps, otherwise known as rapper 2 Chainz, for a debate on whether or not marijuana […]

Dear Republicans: Enjoy Winning a Few Battles, Because You’re Losing the War – Badly

Heading into this year’s elections, Republicans are as giddy as children on Christmas eve.  While it’s not 100 percent certain, it’s very possible that Republicans will take majority control back in the Senate and most definitely keep control of the House of Representatives. Add in this current VA scandal with which they can use to stir […]

Hypocritical Minnesota Governor Tells Mother to Buy Pot on Street to Help Child’s Epilepsy

I can understand if someone is apprehensive about supporting the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.  It’s a fairly large step toward an uncertain future.  Washington and Colorado have paved the way, and their experiences over the next several months should tell us plenty about the future of recreational marijuana in this country. But I […]