Facebook Labels The Onion As Satire Because People Apparently Can’t Read

By now, just about anyone who uses the internet should at least be able to pick out The Onion as a satirical site. The operative word here being “should.” However, there’s apparently enough folks on Facebook who still don’t get it, and so Facebook has been running trials on flagging articles from The Onion as satire. […]

Facebook Donates $10,000 To Campaign Of Anti-Gay Attorney General Sean Reyes

Quite honestly, nothing Mark Zuckerberg (or as I like to call him, “Shmuckerberg”) does these days comes as a surprise to me. Whether it is the updated version of Facebook mobile that shows me stories from where my friends announced plans to go out for a beer 4 days ago in the top of my […]

Nailed Nuts, Rioting Pu$$ies & the Blazing Politics of Attention: A Public Service Announcement

Sarah Palin / Ted Cruz / Rand Paul / John Boehner / Paul Ryan / Bill O’Reilly / Rush Limbaugh / War on Christmas / OBAMACARE / Drone Drone Drone … PSST!  HEY, BUDDY!  OVER HERE!  LOOK AT ME! This is important!  No, serious!  There’s an injustice going on!  And I’ve only got 1,000 words […]

A Plea to Facebook – Stop Silencing Charities and Political Activists

Go to login to Facebook or create an account and you’ll see a statement on the right that the social networking site is free and always will be. What Facebook has neglected to tell users is that free doesn’t mean there’s a guarantee that what you post (either as an individual uploading a picture of […]

You Won’t Believe What Facebook Suspended Me For This Time

Well before dawn yesterday, the dog woke me up as he usually does. Apparently waiting for the sun to break over the horizon (before repeatedly licking their human’s face in order to go outside and do everything but use the bathroom) is a concept lost on nervous little canines. Half awake, I tapped the power […]

No, Facebook, I will not pay to promote this post when you’re censoring the wrong people.

I’ve been running “Whiskey and the Morning After Blog” on Facebook for over two years now, during which time I have spent a lot of time dealing with complaints and reports for the most ridiculous things. For example, I once received a temporary suspension for an image mocking the KKK, even as reports that I […]