David Vitter Says Country ‘Shoved’ Same-Sex Marriage ‘Down The Throats’ Of Christians

A lot of Republicans have quietly abandoned the conservative war against marriage equality. Except for the far-right and some of the politicians who cater to them, the GOP has moved on to screaming about religious freedom while trying to further erode a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor […]

Kim Davis Busted Tampering with Marriage Licenses, Could Be Heading Back to Jail

While it seems like the Kim Davis controversy might be subsiding just a bit, I wouldn’t be shocked if all hell breaks loose again soon. She’s still currently (and foolishly) trying to find some court in this country that will tell her that she’s allowed to ignore Constitutional law, and it’s still well-known that she doesn’t […]

A Message to Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis: You’re a Disgrace and a Hypocrite

One of the most dominant stories of the last few days has been the continued refusal by Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling that bans on gay marriage were unconstitutional. Wait, a slight correction – she’s actually not issuing any marriage licenses, not […]

A Message To Kentucky Clerks Likely Trying To Become Rich Off Bigotry: #GoFundYourself

It’s been over two months since the Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional. Naturally, this ruling didn’t sit well with many Republicans who somehow believe religion plays a part in this country’s legal definition of marriage. These tend to be the folks who think “religious freedom” means they have the right to force […]

Anti-Gay Bigot Josh Duggar Exposed In Ashley Madison Hack

Before we discuss the latest news involving anti-gay bigot Josh Duggar, let me start out with saying that I do not condone breaching personal, private data under most circumstances. As someone who has had multiple attempts made to try to steal my information and harass my family, I cannot approve of the Ashley Madison hack which exposed […]

In Kentucky, One Clerk Still Refuses To Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples and throughout the remaining states that had bans on the books, most government clerks grudgingly accepted the fact that issuing marriage licenses to everyone was a part of their job function. After the ruling, three clerks in […]

Rachel Maddow Forced To Explain How Government Works To Clueless Rick Santorum (Video)

Even though it’s been nearly a month since the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage bans were unconstitutional, there still remain some Republicans who insist on proving that they don’t understand how our Constitution works. It’s really rather astonishing to me because this isn’t a complicated issue. After these bans were challenged in our courts, they […]

Chris Matthews Hammers Ted Cruz: Republicans ‘Loved’ the Supreme Court in 2000 (Video)

Though the rhetoric is winding down just a bit, there’s still barking going on from some within the Republican party over the “5 unelected lawyers” who ultimately ruled that bans on same-sex marriage violated the Fourteenth Amendment. Funny, these same people seem perfectly happy when the very conservative members of the Court (Scalia/Thomas/Alito) almost always […]

Louisiana Justice Jefferson D. Hughes Defies Supreme Court And Implies Gay People Are Pedophiles

While the United States Supreme Court may have ruled in favor of marriage equality, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jefferson Hughes, along with a few of his colleagues, isn’t too happy about it. Yesterday, the Louisiana Supreme Court finally conceded that in the case of Costanza v. Caldwell, “the State of Louisiana may not bar same-sex couples […]

Bobby Jindal Doesn’t Have A Chance, So Why Is He Running For President?

Every time I think that Bobby Jindal couldn’t possibly do something any more ridiculous, he manages to think of something to top his previous performance. Whether it has been issuing an executive order to allow businesses and government employees to discriminate against the LGBT community, or signing a law to protect oil companies like BP […]