A Monument To MLK Will Be Built Over The Birthplace Of The Modern KKK

Just when you thought the Confederate flag controversy was going away, it looks like we’re in for another round of outrage from secession apologists and the “heritage, not hate” crowd. Stone Mountain, Georgia was the scene of some heated protests earlier this year over the Confederate flag. Now, it has been announced that a monument […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Enemy-Making, Resistance is Everything

Part IV in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click these links to read Part I, Part II and Part III.   Enemies. Imagine a world without them. Yeah, that’s usually how most genocides start. … Have you ever noticed that humans seem to need enemies? How, even in relatively peaceful […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: MLK’s Audacious Belief

Part III in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click the following links to read Part I and Part II.   Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Civilization means? Nobel Peace laureate and philosopher Albert Schweitzer did. In his book, The Philosophy of Civilization, the great thinker writes: “We […]

Charles Koch Compares His Political Mission To Martin Luther King Jr.

David and Charles Koch are going to spend a lot of money in the 2016 elections. $889 million is what they’ve pledged to back candidates who will further their agenda in the United States government, and almost all of the GOP candidates have made it a point to lick their boots in hopes of getting […]

Glenn Beck Warns That Gay Rights Are Leading Us To Sodom And Gomorrah

Glenn Beck and the rest of the right-wing media are urging their followers to freak out ahead of the Supreme Court’s expected ruling on marriage equality which could come any day now. Just recently, he announced that at least 10,000 members of his “Black Robe Regiment” were willing to die opposing gay marriage and the […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Part I

Despite such advancements as the particle collider and Lean Cuisines (not to mention Steak-umms), humanity, it seems, is not quite ready for Civilization. In fact, I am beginning to realize that Civilization is only now just being born. … Last summer, my young daughter and I sat on the steps of a local community pool, […]

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – You’re Still Winning

One of our fans wrote this tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his personal Facebook profile, which he then sent to me and I agreed to publish it here. Danny describes himself as follows: “I’m a bit of an anomaly; I’m a military vet (with a disability rating), I work in public safety, […]

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Is More than One Sentence Long

If you ask conservatives, the entirety of Dr. King’s legacy falls down to this passage: “I have a dream that little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” It is all they know, and they use […]

EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party

Bobby Seale loves to learn. He loves math – he used mathematical theories to teach Black Panther Chapters all over the country how to reach more of their communities. Bobby would tell them “Quantitative increase or quantitative decrease causes a qualitative leap or change.” He loves anthropology, studying the work of Dr. Lorenzo Turner, the […]

What the Best Movies of the Past Year Taught Me about Politics

When I say best movies of the last year, I have to admit that I’ve only seen a handful of new movies and that I count movies that released late 2013. I should also admit that I am a nerd. And while most of the literature I read is non-fiction, serious and usually devoted to […]