Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For More Democratic Debates

The first Republican debate was a ratings victory for Fox News. Perhaps it was the fact that like me, many viewers tuned in just to witness the inevitable drama that erupted between the Fox News hosts and Donald Trump. Currently, the 2016 Republican Primaries have a total of 12 events that were scheduled. Democrats only […]

Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Be Worrying More About Martin O’Malley Than Hillary Clinton

It’s no secret that I’ve been fairly skeptical of the presidential chances of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). I love his work in the Senate, but I just don’t think that someone who openly calls themselves a socialist – and who’s going to be 75 in 2016 – would win a general election. That’s even if he can beat […]

This Is Why Hillary Clinton Needs Bernie Sanders To Run For President

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2016, I will vote for her. With that in mind, I still want to see her face a couple of challengers in the primaries, and it’s not just because I’m uncomfortable with her simply being handed the nomination by default. Now, a lot of people are […]

Martin O’Malley, Not Hillary Clinton, May Be The Best Choice In 2016

Last week I was talking with a friend about the dysfunctional nature of national politics.  My friend, a conservative, admitted that President Obama has done a good job with the economy. After picking my jaw up off of the ground, we discussed how we are less than thrilled with the idea of another Clinton in […]