Florida Gov. Rick Scott Blames Obama For Lack Of State Health Care Funding

Almost 5 years ago, I left Florida shortly before the 2010 election in which Rick Scott was elected governor. One of the promises he ran on, which he briefly reversed in 2013, was to block Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Since then, Florida’s legislature, which is firmly in the control of conservative Republicans, has refused […]

OK Republican Rep. Kevin Calvey Talks About Setting Himself On Fire Over Abortion

I love when religious extremists lose their minds over abortion, especially when they claim to be “pro-life” while voting against anything that would help a child once they’re born. Oklahoma Republican Kevin Calvey decided to take it one step further by claiming he wanted to set himself on fire over abortion, if only he wasn’t a […]

Oklahoma’s New Divorce Law Is Wrong, And Dangerous

Oklahoma is a key state of interest for me for though I have several awesome progressive friends in the state and though my own family has roots there, yet it’s proudly one of the most conservative states in the union. Hobby Lobby and James Linkford help to highlight the point that it’s also one of the most dangerous to […]

To Avoid Giving Same-Sex Couples Benefits, Oklahoma Stops Registering Benefits for All National Guard

Unbelievable. It would seem the ignorant Republican opposition toward equal rights for homosexuals trumps their “support” for our military.  But really, does the Republican party truly “support our troops?”  Judging by how Republicans have often voted against programs that would help our brave men and women in uniform, reality would seem to say that many […]