Glenn Beck Claims Measles Outbreak Is A Government Plot

The conspiracy market is a small, but profitable one. Whether it’s stories about the government spraying chemicals from jet aircraft to dumb down the population, Jews controlling everything or anything else that sounds like it came from Coast To Coast AM, you can bet people like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones will cover it. This […]

It’s The 21st Century, Why Are We Still Arguing About Vaccines?

Vaccines save lives. Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, yellow fever, tetanus, and measles have all been brought under “some degree of control” by vaccines. Vaccines are especially helpful in poverty-stricken countries, where infant mortality is extremely high. Vaccines allow families in poor countries the freedom to only have as many children as they want, not […]

Jon Stewart Slams Republicans And Liberals: ‘Vaccine Ignorance’ Has Created ‘Strange Hospital Bedfellows’ (Video)

Words cannot express how glad I am that the ridiculous “anti-vaxxers” are finally being properly slammed in the media. For far too long this “movement” has been building without much resistance from the mainstream media, which isn’t surprising considering our “news” nowadays is more about what makes ratings instead of what people probably need to […]