Dear Liberals, Where Ted Cruz Was Born Doesn’t Matter

Ted Cruz and the GOP, along with the conservative media, have happily exploited the “controversy” over President Obama’s eligibility to be president. Even though he was born in Hawaii and has produced his birth certificate, right-wing conspiracy nuts continue to deny the fact that President Obama is a citizen. While many members of the GOP […]

This Profound Video Explains Why Clickbait Is Destroying Our Political System

To start with, let me first disclose the fact that I am not a traditional journalist, and yes, I used a “clickbait” title. I have never taken a single course in journalism, and I was mostly disinterested in politics for years after being raised to be a conservative activist, before leaving the GOP as a […]

Bernie Sanders Blasts The Media For Ignoring His Presidential Campaign

Many Bernie Sanders supporters have complained that the media is not paying attention to his candidacy, and rightly so. However, the same can be said for nearly every other candidate in the race who has to struggle to gain any kind of press coverage that anyone will notice. Why? Because the American public (and subsequently […]

Glenn Beck Compares Himself To Martin Luther King For Fighting Marriage Equality (Video)

Last week, Glenn Beck proudly proclaimed that there were at least 10,000 members of his “Black Robe Regiment” who were willing to die resisting the government over marriage equality. Now, before we go further, who in their right mind decides that the thought of two men or two women having the same rights as they […]

Alex Jones Claims Caitlyn Jenner Is Distracting Us From Obama’s Plot To Take Our Guns

Conspiracy nuts like the people who believe anything Alex Jones says are probably my favorite folks to troll. All it takes is for me to write something that mentions vaccines, guns, genetic engineering of plants, the weather, Jews, banks or even toothpaste, and they’ll come out in droves to scream “wake up sheeple” like a […]

No, Jon Stewart Wasn’t Bad for the Liberals Who Loved Him

Jamelle BouieĀ over at wrote an article yesterday titled “Why Jon Stewart Was Bad for the Liberals Who Loved Him,” in which he states that Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show was actually a good thing for politics. Bouie claims that “his chief influence has been to make outrage, cynicism, and condescension the language of […]

The Media Shoulders Some Of The Blame For The Divide Among Police And Civilians

Police accountability and justice shouldn’t be a “left vs. right” issue, but sadly, that’s exactly what it’s turned into. It’s individuals with agendas based on personal feelings rather than facts, who are out trying to “win” an argument. At the end of the day, both sides agree that bad police officers should be held accountable. […]