No, Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Not Plotting to Falsely Accuse Bernie Sanders of Sexual Assault

Let me start off by saying that what I just read is not journalism. It’s not blogging. It’s not even credible opinion. It’s nothing more than pure clickbait bullshit and a shining example of what’s wrong with so much of the “information” that’s being put out there on the Internet. As I was sitting in […]

The Media Shoulders Some Of The Blame For The Divide Among Police And Civilians

Police accountability and justice shouldn’t be a “left vs. right” issue, but sadly, that’s exactly what it’s turned into. It’s individuals with agendas based on personal feelings rather than facts, who are out trying to “win” an argument. At the end of the day, both sides agree that bad police officers should be held accountable. […]

Sean Hannity Throws Twitter Temper Tantrum After Being Labeled “Worst of Fox News”

Well I wouldn’t necessarily file this under “newsworthy,” but it’s still fairly hilarious nonetheless. After all, who doesn’t like to poke fun at Sean Hannity when given a chance? This guy is easily one of the most detestable characters on Fox News. Which was somewhat confirmed in a recent poll done by political website Mediaite, […]