Trump’s Budget Steals From the Poor and Elderly to Make People Like Him Wealthier

“I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” –Donald Trump, May 2015 That’s what then-candidate Trump said about supporting cuts to these programs. As with most everything else he says, that promise was total bullcrap. After giving the rich a projected $1.5 trillion […]

Desperate David Vitter Uses Duck Dynasty For Political Redemption

Remember when Duck Dynasty was still a thing? Remember how you couldn’t go into any gas station without seeing their merchandise? Well, here in Louisiana, they’re still kinda sorta a thing – especially if you’re a Republican gubernatorial candidate who is struggling in the polls against a Democrat you’ve repeatedly linked to President Obama. A […]

KY GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Bevin Accidentally Called For Drug Testing Seniors

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been the laughingstock of late night shows recently for his series of verbal flubs, like referring to Hungary as “Hungria” and discussing the “band on America.” While everyone has been mocking McCarthy (who has now announced he will not run for Speaker of the House), a Republican candidate for governor […]

The White House Gives Planned Parenthood $1M To Promote Obamacare

Republicans in Congress have been having a field day with the highly-edited and deceptive videos targeting Planned Parenthood. Even though Mitch McConnell has said that they don’t have the votes to override a certain veto of any legislation to defund the organization, that hasn’t stopped the GOP from making as much noise about shutting down […]

Bobby Jindal Ends Funding To Louisiana Planned Parenthood – Even Though They Don’t Do Abortions

Unable to register as more than an insignificant blip on Republican primary polling, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has stopped at nothing in order to win the hearts of primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. When Indiana and Arkansas amended their religious freedom laws to avoid the appearance of promoting legislation that encouraged discrimination against […]

Texas Lawmakers Want To Remove Planned Parenthood From Cancer Program

If you’re a woman and you use Planned Parenthood in Texas for health care, you might have to go somewhere else for cancer screenings if Texas lawmakers have their way. To conservative Republican lawmakers, Planned Parenthood is an evil empire determined to provide abortions to anyone they can, despite the fact that abortion services are […]

The Real Reason Republicans Hate Welfare And Food Stamps

These days, it seems that the majority of conservatives tend to view the world through a very simplistic scope that allows little room for discussion, interpretation, or compromise. We have reached a point where any questioning of unregulated capitalism automatically gets you labeled as a socialist, communist, Marxist, or Fascist because those are all interchangeable […]

Rick Scott Caught Red-Handed Lying About Health Care Again While Poor Floridians Suffer

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never understand how Rick Scott got elected governor of Florida the first time – and then was re-elected this past November. It’s absolutely baffling. He is without a doubt one of the most shady, corrupt and incompetent politicians we have in this country. This is a man who was once so […]

Fox News Blatantly Distorted New Statistics on Government Programs to Fear Monger Against the Poor

Fox News’ incessant fear mongering against the poor never ceases to amaze me. The Republican party as a whole displays such obvious disdain toward those living in poverty that it absolutely blows my mind that tens of millions of impoverished Americans actually vote for Republicans. So knowing how Fox News seems to enjoy slandering the […]

New Gallup Poll Proves Obamacare’s Overwhelming Effectiveness and How Republicans are Risking Millions of Lives

If you Google the term “Obamacare poll,” you’ll find a seemingly endless list of different polls done over the last few years telling you all sorts of things concerning how people feel about the Affordable Care Act. To be honest, I never pay much attention to any of them. Why?  Well, because many Americans don’t […]