GOP Senator Uses Hilarious Statement to Introduce Bill Making Medical Marijuana Research Easier

After a long day, this was definitely a story I needed to see. Not only because I think it’s ridiculous that there are still people out there who oppose even the idea of studying the potential benefits of medical marijuana, but because a Republican senator issuing a pun-filled statement about a bipartisan bill addressing medical […]

Ultra-Conservative Louisiana Is About To Legalize Medical Marijuana Thanks To A Republican

Let’s call these marijuana laws a rare moment of reason for Governor Bobby Jindal and Louisiana’s state legislature, which is one of the most conservative governing bodies in the entire country. It is so conservative that even many of the outnumbered Democrats would be easily confused for moderate to conservative Republicans by anyone from outside […]

ND Republican Randy Boehning Embarrassingly Outed After Voting Against LGBT Rights

As the line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” goes, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Variations of this famous line have been used in the centuries since Shakespeare first debuted his play to refer to someone whose opposition to something seems suspiciously exaggerated, and as if they have something to hide. Over the last couple of […]

9-Year-Old Girl Leads The Fight To Legalize Medical Marijuana In Texas (Video)

Right now there’s an ongoing debate in this country concerning the legalization of recreational marijuana. And while the tide has definitely turned toward public support for such action, there are still controversies that surround the substance that will need to be put to rest once and for all before we see marijuana legalized on a […]

Hypocritical Minnesota Governor Tells Mother to Buy Pot on Street to Help Child’s Epilepsy

I can understand if someone is apprehensive about supporting the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.  It’s a fairly large step toward an uncertain future.  Washington and Colorado have paved the way, and their experiences over the next several months should tell us plenty about the future of recreational marijuana in this country. But I […]

Watch the Nation’s First Marijuana Commercial to Air on the Major Networks

I think it’s pretty clear that in this country the tide is definitely turning as it relates to legalizing marijuana.  While currently there are only two states which have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, several other states are now headed in that same direction. Even on the “medical marijuana” front, states which have been staunch […]

Parents Moving to Colorado for ‘Miracle’ Marijuana to Save Their Children’s Lives

I recently wrote an article where I talked about how I’ve switched my stance from being against the legalization of marijuana to for its legalization.  For me it was more about using common sense when I changed my mind about the substance, since I have absolutely no current plans to use it if it were […]

Marijuana vs. Guns: The Ridiculous Illinois Attack on Our Second Amendment Rights

Most people are well aware that I’m an advocate for sensible gun regulations.  The keyword in that sentence being “sensible.”  Often misconstrued in the rhetoric of the “gun debate” is that people who support regulations on guns are somehow anti-Second Amendment.  A belief which isn’t true at all.  I believe in universal background checks for […]

More Progress: The National Push for Marijuana Has a Surprising New Major Ally

Just in these past couple years we’ve seen the first two states (Colorado and Washington) in the United States legalize recreational marijuana possession and use.  This is of course a huge deal because until this point marijuana was illegal (except for specific medical purposes in specific states) and still does remain illegal on the federal […]

Senator John McCain: “Maybe We Should Legalize” Marijuana

Speaking at a town hall meeting yesterday in Arizona, Republican Senator John McCain said something which, when I read it, stunned me a little bit. While he talked about a wide variety of topics, the issue of legalizing marijuana was brought up and McCain had some surprising words: “Maybe we should legalize. We’re certainly moving […]