Chuck Todd to GOP House Leader: You’re Afraid of the Facts the FBI’s Finding About Trump (Video)

Since facts aren’t usually on their side, a common tactic used by Republicans is to try to discredit those who are telling the truth about them and their dishonest talking points. Whether it’s claiming media bias or, as we’ve seen recently, claiming that there’s a “deep state” working against Donald Trump, Republicans spend most of […]

Senator Bernie Sanders: “I Am Thinking About Running For President” (Video)

Senator Bernie Sanders made his first ever appearance on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd yesterday and announced that he was thinking about running for president in 2016. I’m not sure about everyone else here, but other than Elizabeth Warren who has repeatedly told supporters that she wasn’t interested, I haven’t seen any candidates on […]

Republicans Were Wrong About Benghazi And We’re Letting Them Walk

Want to know the one thing the Sunday Shows all had in common last week? No mention of the capture of the Benghazi attack’s ringleader. Zero. Zilch. Ziparoonio. After all the screaming Republicans have been doing about it. Weird, huh? Since Ahmed Abu Khattala’s capture, the Benghazi “scandal” has been dropped by Republicans, surreptitiously, like […]

On Meet the Press, Bill Maher Mocks Conservatives Who Don’t Believe in Facts

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Bill Maher, largely because I think he can go overboard (and be a little classless) in trying to make his points. ┬áThen again, his whole schtick is really about being “politically incorrect,” as his show on ABC was once titled. That being said, I often agree with a […]